Flatform Shoes

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What are Flatform Shoes?

Flatform shoes, also commonly referred to as flats, are types of shoes without a heel. Flatform shoes are available for both men and women. This is very important as the style is versatile enough for both genders to wear. The main benefit of flatform shoes is their comfort. The style of the shoe is sturdy and comfortable. Flatform shoes are most poplar for walking as they provide needed support. Flatform shoes are also common for business individuals. They provide an alternative to heels as they are classified as business casual attire. Flatform shoes can be worn in any season of the year, therefore providing added functionality.


There are multiple styles of flatform shoes at Famous Footwear. For example, the shoe can come in a variety of colors for both men, women and children. These styles of shoe are popular for all types of people. This type of shoe can be easily paired with any outfit as they are functional enough to dress up or dress down. For example, women’s flatform shoes may incorporate details and designs on the shoe such as florals, silk, lace and other decorative designs/ materials. For mens shoes, flatform designs may incorporate smooth and rugged materials to add character to the shoe. Children’s flatform shoes often feature Velcro straps to slip the shoe on and off.


Another main advantage of flatform shoes are their unique fashion style. Flatform shoes are popular choice for women when paired with leggings or jeans. Flatform shoes are even versatile enough to be worn wth dresses and skirts. Men can style flatform shoes with jeans and dress pants. Depending upon the style, flatform shoes are often chosen over heels. This is important to note as many fashion magazines and blogs are beginning to feature more and more of these shoes. The final benefit of these shoes is their accessibility. Almost every major shoe store carried these types of shoes with countless styles and options to select from.