Help for your Injury Compensation Claim

Have you been injured at work? In a Motor Vehicle Accident? Or in a Public Place? Legal Injury helpline is a free legal advisory service offering free legal advice and free case reviews to get compensated fairly.

Obtaining compensation is your legal right and entitlement and we can put you in touch with the right experienced injury compensation lawyer.

Lodging a claim for injuries sustained can be stressful; you may feel like you do not know what you are doing, or even if you have lodged the claim in the right place. At legal Injury, we will talk you through the process so you understand how the legal system works and we will guide you through it. We deal with thousands of injured victims every year around the country and get them the compensation in which they are legally and rightfully entitled to.

Dealing with the insurance company can seem fine as they pay for your medical expenses and the time you have had off work. When it comes to receiving a payout, it's not so good. Compensation can be limited as the procedures for working out an offer differs compared to how a personal injury claims solicitor would work out an offer. Talk with us today and see what you can claim and see what you are entitled to.

Claims Advice

Remember once you accept an offer (by signing the 'Notice of Assessment') from an insurance company then 'as a rule' that's it, irrespective of whether the offer was fair, reasonable or the injury worsens you will receive no more compensation - You will be signing away your rights!


Received an Unsolicited Call?

Our organisation does not conduct unsolicited phone calls. If someone does or has called you claiming to represent 'Legal Injury Helpline', please ensure you do not pass on your personal details. We also recommend you report the matter to the relevant authority SCAMWATCH.

Workers Injury Compensation Claims

Thinking about lodging Workers Compensation claims for your an injury sustained in the workplace? Great choice... Want to accept an offer made by WorkCover? Not a good choice. By signing on the dotted line to accept a lump sum offer from WorkCover may eliminate your ability to be compensated ever again in the future.

Irrespective to the offer being fair, reasonable or the injury worsens you CANNOT receive any more compensation. Once you accept, the doors are now closed to receive any future compensation - You'll be signing your rights away.

Seek the right advice; speak to an injury expert today to help you understand your choices, options, rights and legal entitlements after suffering an injury that was an accident. Injury Claims Lawyers are here to help injured victims for a reason. You have got nothing to lose. Here at Legal Injury we can arrange experienced injury claim advice all over the country, who will be able to offer free legal advice, case reviews and pursue your injury claim in a professional and honest approach.

Motor Vehicle Injury Compensation Claims

Legal Injury provides assistance for people involved in motor vehicle accidents, motorbike accidents and more. Sustaining an injury in these types of accidents can be life changing physically, mentally, and economically. Different laws apply in each state and territory of Australia for CTP claims, so it's important to contact a claims specialist in personal injury law to find out your rights and options. One thing that can be said under each start or territories Motor Vehicle Acts laws is that you may have rights if you are the driver not at fault, or if you are a passenger in the accident, a pedestrian, or cyclist.

Legal Injury can provide you with obligation free advice that you won't hear from insurance companies. We can give you the ins and outs of the Motor Vehicle Acts claims laws as to what you can claim, when to claim, how you can claim, where you need to go, and most of all WHY you should use a specialist personal injury lawyer to claim! We understand that being in this position can be difficult and we can provide you with the advice you need make sure your claim is run on a no win – no fee scheme to make life easier and pressure free.

We recommend you do not sign anything before consulting an expert claims lawyer first as you may be signing your rights away. Don't be tricked by insurance companies and get too eager when you see their offer, wait until you see what could be your next offer!

Personal Injury Compensation Claims

There are various types of claims that can be run against insurance companies as discussed earlier such as a Motor Vehicle accident, a Motorcycle accident, Trucking accident or Workplace injuries. But what if you have been injured on a private property, on a boat or Jet Ski, on a plane, a theme park, just strolling down a street or through parkland.

There is hope if you have been injured in what would be an awful and unexpected accident. Many accidents are unforeseen and can be difficult to get back on track with routines and commitments. The Legal Injury team can provide you with easy to understand legal advice that outlines your rights and options at any time of the day you require.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this website constitutes, or is meant to constitute, advice of any kind. If you require advice in relation to any legal matter you should consult an appropriately qualified lawyer.